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New Message Forums greet the Square in 2014!

The new Message Forums are now alive at our site. If you saw some of our flyers we are glad you decided to stopoed by. We hope that you will stop by often and read posts made by others and place some of your own! You will see the new link above. Sign in and come back often. The message boards have the following subject headings: Regent Square General, Regent Square Contractor Referrals, (for those of you who have or are looking for reputable contractors) Frick Park, Street Maintenance and Computer and Cell Phones.We are always looking for other pertinent Forums, so if you have an idea let us know, just leave a message!


Winter Weather around the corner!

Are you a skier, ice skater, or do you just like to build snowmen like the people at the corner of Macon and Sanders?! Their magnifent snow creation was something to remember. Hopefully the snow plows will show up more often than they did last year if we see anything like the weather we saw last year. The streets were a solid sheet of ice and the red coblestone was as slipery as it could be. We received a wonderful gift from very good friends of ours to aid us on our winter endeavors. Yaktrax! An amazing invention similar to snow-tire chains for your feet, take a look. Have a safe winter. See you in the square!